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European Think Tank and Consulting Agency dedicated to the study of the Middle East and the Indo-Pacific

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I am Asian Atlas and I am a European Think Tank and Consulting Agency founded in 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Under the motto of 'Empowering people through knowledge and expertise', Asian Atlas provides a comprehensive knowledge-sharing platform with articles and debates on the latest events in Asia, and Consulting and Advisory Services oriented towards putting forward ideas aimed at highlighting the impact of historical, economic, political, and social patterns on contemporary international relations.

With two central offices in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania), and with a vast network of collaborators around the world, Asian Atlas responds to the demand for independent external relations research, and the need for regional-oriented public affairs consulting services, to both capture the attention of all our readers and to support the private and public sectors in sustainable decision-making on the most important events in the world's fastest developing region.

Your presence on Asian Atlas represents your interest in the new tiger region of the 21st century, and for that we thank you.

Dare to Asia, Dare to Know,
Asian Atlas Team

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