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Consulting Services

We carefully respond to requests for analysis and professional consulting services on topics of interest for the private, public and academic environment. The Analysis and Consulting Team of Asian Atlas is made up of analysts with experience in Asian political and economic affairs, willing to share their dedication for the region to all our clients interested in bringing the Middle East and Asia-Pacific closer to the environment in which they practice.

Currently, Asian Atlas has opened three departments for analysis and consultancy: Greater China Team, East Asia Team, and the Middle East (West Asia) Team, but we propose in the near future to expand our team of analysts to cover the needs of clients on issues related to South Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

The three active departments include all 5 Subjects And Centers Of Research: Economics (tracks: Political Economy, Economic Integration, and Economic Security), Politics (tracks: Regional Politics, National Political Narratives, and Bilateral/Multilateral Political Exchanges), Security ( tracks: National Security, Economic Security, and Natural Resources Security), Organizations (core track: the Association of Southeast Asia ASEAN, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO, the Gulf Cooperation Council GCC + secondary track: the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC, the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation BIMSTEC, the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Organization of Turkic States, and the Eurasian Economic Union EAEU/EEU), and Asian Tigers (tracks: Historical Implications, Economic Development, and Comprehensive Politics).

Do you want to apply for a complete report from a region of interest for your activity, but you are not sure about its format and content?

Ask for a Demo by contacting us. Our Demo it's free and you can convince yourself of the structure of Asian Atlas analysts' reports.

Note that:

- The Demo is a universal material aimed at forming opinion and not a paper request. If you want a paper for a specific subject and region, you must apply for a formal collaboration.

- The Demo is the private property of Asian Atlas and cannot be used for purposes other than the formation of public opinion on the content and quality of Asian Atlas reports according to our Terms and Conditions.

Are you interested in our comprehensive reports? Do you want a short analysis on a particular subject, or political and economic forecasts?

Do not hesitate to contact us for a collaboration!

The collaboration contract is made on a bilateral basis between the applicant and Asian Atlas following the completion of the form below. We will send your request to the Analysis and Consulting Department corresponding to your request, and we will return as soon as possible with the details of the collaboration.

Who are we addressing?

  • Private sector (daring investors, businesses, NGOs, think-tanks, news &. media companies)
  • Public sector (government, public institutions of research)
  • Academia (staff, students, alumni)

Knowledge-sharing Platform

We believe in a world where information is transmitted freely and leads to the formation of public opinion and the transmission of ideas. Therefore, we adhere to the principle of the information multiplier: one information creates another. Consequently, Asian Atlas provides a free informative platform, easy to access and friendly to use through which readers from all over the world can access our database of papers provided by writers and analysts globally, and contribute later with their own paper. Through this rotating cycle, Asian Atlas ensures that the information will never exhaust and will thus create a multicultural and multi-oriented universe of analysis and debate accessible to a wide audience of readers and an enthusiastic segment of scholars, commentators and columnists.

  • Feel free to access our Centers for Regional Affairs for free content from the region of your choice.
  • If you would like to contribute your own paper to any of the Regional Centers of Asian Atlas, go to the Add Content section and register on our platform. Once submitted, all papers will be reviewed by the Asian Atlas content team for approval for upload to the appropriate Regional Center database.

Who are we addressing?

  • curious readers
  • passionate writers
  • ambitious scholars
  • enthusiastic columnists
Asian Atlas is a leading independent external relations public affairs advisory center with a worldwide network of collaborators. We care about the needs of our customers from both the private and public sectors, and we support them in achieving sustainable decision-making by offering comprehensive regional reports conducted by our Consulting and Advisory Providers.

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